Hunter Street (2017)


Genre: Adventure , Comedy , Family , Mystery

Plot: After spending his first night in his new home, Max, along with new siblings Tess, Anika, Sal and Daniel wake up to find their foster parents, Eric and Kate have vanished. In order to crack the case, the siblings set out on a quest for clues, leading them on an epic and suspenseful family adventure, including boat racing through canals, exploring secret tunnels and uncovering lost treasures. With obstacles at every turn, they must also fight off old family rivals and duplicitous heirs in order to solve the mystery. Hunter Street stars Stony Blyden as street-smart Max; MaeMae Renfrow as the independent and resourceful sister Tess; Kyra Smith as the free-spirited youngest Hunter sister Anika; Daan Creyghton as Sal, the genius of the bunch; and Thomas Jansen as the fiercely protective eldest brother Daniel. They all do this in Europe Written by Thomas Jansen Read More

Next Episode 4x1 Date: Apr 19th



Episode 30: Eclipse
Episode 29: The Pyramid
Episode 28: Tricky Times
Episode 27: Not Quite X Marks the Spot
Episode 26: Revelations
Episode 25: The Final Riddle?
Episode 24: Truth and Lies
Episode 23: Swamped
Episode 22: Moms
Episode 21: Escape
Episode 20: Trapped
Episode 19: Appeals
Episode 18: The Butterfly Sun
Episode 17: What Hides Beneath
Episode 16: Siblings
Episode 15: Evil Narikoa
Episode 14: Secret Signs
Episode 13: Rex to the Rescue
Episode 12: Mr. Bear
Episode 11: Return to Hunter Street
Episode 10: The Second Stone
Episode 9: Curse or Cure?
Episode 8: Remedies and Riddles
Episode 7: The Code
Episode 6: Oliver
Episode 5: Lost in the Woods
Episode 4: Jake's Curse
Episode 3: The Storm
Episode 2: Strange House
Episode 1: The Birthday Gift
Episode 20: Hunters Forever
Episode 19: The Ritual
Episode 18: Spy
Episode 17: The Houseboat
Episode 16: Hide and Seek
Episode 15: The Crown
Episode 14: The Super Secret Room
Episode 13: Hacker Hideout
Episode 12: The Green Mask
Episode 11: The Mole
Episode 10: The Reverse Heist
Episode 9: The Plan
Episode 8: Payback
Episode 7: The Family Tree
Episode 6: The New Friend
Episode 5: The Museum
Episode 4: Evie
Episode 3: Max
Episode 1: The Package