How the States Got Their Shapes (2010)


Genre: Documentary , Adventure , History

Plot: How the States Got Their Shapes is a television series that airs on the History channel. It is hosted by Brian Unger and is based on Mark Stein's book, How the States Got Their Shapes. The show deals with how the various states of the United States established their borders, but also delves into other aspects of U.S. history, including failed states, proposed new states, and the local culture and character of various U.S. states. It thus deals with the "shapes" of the states in a metaphorical sense as well as a literal sense. The show format follows Unger as he travels to various locations, and interviews local people, visits important historical and cultural sites, and provides commentary from behind the wheel of his car as he drives from location to location. Interspersed with these segments are brief historical synopses by notable U.S. historians. Read More



Episode 19: The United Shapes of America
Episode 18: Big vs. Small
Episode 17: Rich vs. Poor
Episode 16: State vs. State
Episode 15: Mess with Texas
Episode 14: Rebels & Outlaws
Episode 13: East vs. West
Episode 12: City vs. Country
Episode 11: Is West Best?
Episode 10: Midwest vs. The Rest
Episode 9: Vice vs. Virtue
Episode 8: Battle of the Bible Belt
Episode 7: Great Lakes, Big Stakes
Episode 6: Bigfoot vs. Aliens
Episode 5: North vs. South
Episode 4: Hatfields vs. McCoys
Episode 3: Hillbilly vs. Redneck
Episode 2: White Collar vs. Blue Collar
Episode 1: Red State vs. Blue State
Episode 10: Mouthing Off
Episode 9: Culture Clash
Episode 8: A Boom with A View
Episode 7: Church and States
Episode 6: Use it or Lose It
Episode 5: Living On The Edge
Episode 4: State of Rebellion
Episode 3: Force of Nature
Episode 2: The Great Plains, Trains and Automobiles
Episode 1: A River Runs Through It