House Rules (AU) (2013)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: The Australia-wide competition from the makers of My Kitchen Rules will see six teams from around the country put their homes on the line and their skills to the test in a fight for supremacy and a life-changing prize. Together, they'll travel the country, hand over the keys to their own homes and leave their competition rivals to transform every room in their house...anyway they want. But there's a twist! Each home comes with a set of House Rules set out by the owners - a list of do's and don'ts the other teams can choose to follow, bend or break. It's the key to a whole new life but will it open the door to their dreams or their worst nightmare? Host Johanna Griggs will be at the helm as six brave teams gamble with the most important possession in their lives. Read More



Episode 30: Episode 30
Episode 29: Episode 29
Episode 28: Episode 28
Episode 25: Episode 25
Episode 23: Episode 23
Episode 20: Episode 20
Episode 15: Episode 15
Episode 13: Episode 13
Episode 11: Episode 11
Episode 3: Episode 3
Episode 35: Episode 35 - Backyard Battles NSW & WA
Episode 33: Episode 33 - Backyard Reveal - Judges Scores
Episode 31: Episode 31 - Backyard Battles QLD
Episode 30: Episode 30 - House Reveal - Homeowners Scores
Episode 29: Episode 29 - House Reveal - Judges Scores