House of Mouse (2001)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: House of Mouse is the former but even better Mickey Mouse Works. "House of Mouse" is a nightclub-type theater, where Mickey himself emcees nightly. Stars of every Disney film ever made are seated in the audience, often becoming part of the show themselves, as Mickey and his friends entertain. Read More



Episode 13: Pluto Saves the Day
Episode 12: Thanks to Minnie
Episode 11: Donald's Pumbaa Prank
Episode 10: Donald's Lamp Trade
Episode 9: Rent Day
Episode 8: Gone Goofy
Episode 7: Unplugged Club
Episode 6: Jiminy Cricket
Episode 5: Timon and Pumbaa
Episode 4: Goofy's Valentine Date
Episode 3: The Three Caballeros
Episode 2: Big Bad Wolf Daddy
Episode 1: The Stolen Cartoons