House of Lies (2012)


Plot: Charming, fast talking Marty Kaan and his crack team of management consultants know how to play the corporate game better than anyone, by using every dirty trick in the book to woo powerful CEOs and close huge deals. In the board rooms, barrooms and bedrooms of the power elite, corruption is business as usual and everyone's out for themselves first. Nothing is sacred in this scathing, irreverent satire of corporate America today. Outrageous, subversive and wildly funny, House Of Lies stars Academy Award® nominee Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell. Read More



Episode 10: No Es Fácil
Episode 9: Violent Agreement
Episode 8: Tragedy of the Commons
Episode 7: One-Eighty
Episode 6: Johari Window
Episode 5: Above Board Metrics
Episode 4: End State Vision
Episode 3: Holacracy
Episode 2: Game Theory
Episode 1: Creative Destruction Phenomenon
Episode 12: You're Safely Sucking at the Triple-Venti Tits of the New Kaan & Associates
Episode 11: Everything's So F**king Obvious, I'm Starting to Wonder Why We're Even Having This Conversation
Episode 10: Praise Money! Hallowed be Thy Name
Episode 9: We're Going to Build a Mothership and Rule the Universe
Episode 8: He Didn't Mean That, Natalie Portman
Episode 7: The Next Olive Branch Goes Straight Up Your Ass
Episode 6: Trust Me, I'm Getting Plenty of Erections
Episode 5: The Urge to Save Humanity is Almost Always a False Front for the Urge to Rule
Episode 4: We Can Always Just Overwhelm the Vagus Nerve with Another Sensation
Episode 3: Entropy is Contagious
Episode 2: I'm a Motherf**king Scorpion, That's Why
Episode 1: At the End of the Day, Reality Wins
Episode 12: Joshua
Episode 11: Together
Episode 10: Comeuppance
Episode 9: Zhang
Episode 8: Brinkmanship
Episode 7: Pushback
Episode 6: Middlegame
Episode 5: Soldiers
Episode 4: Associates
Episode 3: Boom
Episode 2: Power(less)
Episode 1: Wreckage
Episode 12: Til Death Do Us Part
Episode 11: Hostile Takeover
Episode 10: Exit Strategy
Episode 9: Liability
Episode 8: Wonders of the World
Episode 7: The Runner Stumbles
Episode 6: Family Values
Episode 5: Sincerity is an Easy Disguise in This Business
Episode 4:
Episode 3: Man-date
Episode 2: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet
Episode 1: Stochasticity
Episode 12: The Mayan Apocalypse
Episode 11: Business
Episode 10: Prologue and Aftermath
Episode 9: Ouroboros
Episode 8: Veritas
Episode 7: Bareback Town
Episode 6: Our Descent Into Los Angeles
Episode 5: Utah
Episode 4: Mini-Mogul
Episode 3: Microphallus
Episode 2: Amsterdam
Episode 1: Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments