Hot Date (2017)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Inspired by the popular series of CollegeHumor Originals, HOT DATE is a new television comedy from Pop TV and Big Breakfast spotlighting modern-day relationships and dating dilemmas. The series stars real-life married couple Emily Axford and Brian K. Murphy, two CollegeHumor comedians who also star in the "Hot Date" digital series, which has garnered over 100 million views to date. Executive produced by Will Arnett ("Arrested Development," "30 Rock") and Electus production company Big Breakfast ("Adam Ruins Everything"), HOT DATE chronicles the social mores of dating, sex and marriage. Read More



Episode 10: The Wedding
Episode 9: Ex-Communication
Episode 8: Kids
Episode 7: Couples Therapy
Episode 6: Rate 'Em and Weep
Episode 5: Bed and Breakfast
Episode 4: Wedding Planning
Episode 3: Jobs
Episode 2: Family
Episode 1: Apartment Hunting
Episode 3: Where Have All My Friends Gone?