Home Movies (1999)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Drama , Family

Plot: TV series about the life of Brendon Small, an eight-year-old visionary who, using his friends Jason and Melissa as actors, have managed to direct over a thousand homemade films. His parents are divorced, but it doesn't feel strange since so many other kids' parents are divorced. His friend Jason actually feels upset because his parents are still together. At school, he is taught soccer by his coach John McGirk, or as he calls him, "that weird Irish guy". Read More



Episode 13: Focus Grill
Episode 12: Temporary Blindness
Episode 11: Definite Possible Murder
Episode 10: Cho & Amy Lee
Episode 9: Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me
Episode 8: Honkey Magoo
Episode 7: Curses
Episode 6: Psycho-Delicate
Episode 5: The Wizard's Baker
Episode 4: The Heart Smashers
Episode 3: Bye, Bye, Greasy
Episode 2: Camp
Episode 1: Everybody's Entitled to My Opinion
Episode 13: Coffins & Cradles
Episode 12: Stowaway
Episode 11: Broken Dreams
Episode 10: Time to Pay the Price
Episode 9: Storm Warning
Episode 8: Guitarmageddon
Episode 7: My Cheatin' Heart
Episode 6: Renaissance
Episode 5: Four's Company
Episode 4: Improving Your Life Through Improv
Episode 3: Bad Influences
Episode 2: Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Episode 1: Shore Leave
Episode 13: The Wedding
Episode 12: Pizza Club
Episode 11: Writer's Block
Episode 10: History
Episode 9: Class Trip
Episode 8: Therapy
Episode 7: Dad
Episode 6: Impressions
Episode 5: The Party
Episode 4: Business & Pleasure
Episode 3: Hiatus
Episode 2: Identifying a Body
Episode 1: Politics
Episode 13: Brendon's Choice
Episode 12: Law and Boarder
Episode 11: Mortgages & Marbles
Episode 10: School Nurse
Episode 9: Life Through a Fisheye Lens
Episode 8: Method of Acting
Episode 7: It Was Supposed to Be Funny
Episode 6: Director's Cut
Episode 5: Yoko
Episode 4: Brendon Gets Rabies
Episode 3: The Art of the Sucker Punch
Episode 2: I Don't Do Well in Parent-Teacher Conferences
Episode 1: Get Away From My Mom