Home Before Dark (2020)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: A young girl moves from Brooklyn to the small lakeside town her father left behind. While there, her dogged pursuit of the truth leads her to unearth a cold case that everyone in town, including her own father, tried hard to bury. Read More



Episode 10: The Smoking Gun
Episode 9: The Biggest Life
Episode 8: The Bad Guy
Episode 7: Just a Bird
Episode 6: What's Out There
Episode 5: The Black Box
Episode 4: Dark Rooms
Episode 3: Fighting His Ghost
Episode 2: I Believe You
Episode 1: Not Giving Up
Episode 10: Bigger Than All of Us
Episode 9: Superhero Monster Slayer
Episode 8: The Future is Female
Episode 7: Search Party
Episode 6: 88 Miles an Hour
Episode 5: The Green Bike
Episode 4: The Bird, Man
Episode 3: Sting Like a Bee
Episode 2: Never Be The Same
Episode 1: Magic Hour