Holmes on Homes (2003)


Genre: News

Plot: Holmes on Homes is a Canadian television series featuring general contractor Mike Holmes visiting homeowners who are in need of help, mainly due to unsatisfactory home renovations performed by hired contractors. The series originally aired on Home & Garden Television in Canada, and also on several other Alliance Atlantis networks in Canada, as well as in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and on HGTV in the United States. It had previously aired in the US on Discovery Home until that channel was rebranded Planet Green on June 4, 2008. It was once the highest-rated show on the Canadian HGTV, with shows airing upwards of 20 times a week at the peak of its popularity. It has won the Gemini viewers' choice award, a testament to the popularity of the show in Canada. Originally, Holmes on Homes ran as a series of 30-minute episodes, but moved to a one-hour format midway through the third season due to popular demand. Several longer specials have aired: the one-hour season finale to the first season, Whole House Disaster; the one-hour Holmes for the Holidays at the end of the third season; the two-hour House to Home season finale for the fourth season; the two-hour specials Out of the Ashes and Holmes Inspection in the fifth season; the two-hour sixth-season episode Pasadena 911; and the two-hour Lien on Me in the final season. The latest episode is available for viewing on HGTV's website. The first five seasons of half-hour and hour long episodes, as well as the "Holmes for the Holidays" episode, are also available for purchase on DVD. Season seven commenced airing in Australia on 1 October 2008 on the HOW TO Channel and in the UK on 24 March 2009 on Discovery Shed. Read More



Episode 13: Capital Offence
Episode 12: Rock Bottom
Episode 11: A Different Slant
Episode 10: Gut Ache
Episode 9: Pane in the Glass
Episode 8: Kitchen Knockout
Episode 7: Behind the Scenes
Episode 6: Blind Faith
Episode 5: Brick A Brack
Episode 4: Re-Inventing
Episode 3: Paradise Island
Episode 2: Rocky Reno
Episode 1: Hit The Deck
Episode 13: Due Date
Episode 12: Frozen Assets
Episode 11: Clean Slate
Episode 10: Country Kitchen
Episode 9: Third Time Lucky
Episode 8: Pasadena 911, Part 2
Episode 7: Pasadena 911, Part 1
Episode 6: Gone to Pot
Episode 5: Lack of Truss
Episode 4: Stone Walled
Episode 3: Completely Incomplete
Episode 2: Let's Rejoist
Episode 1: Shaky Foundation
Episode 14: Holmes Inspection - Part 2
Episode 13: Holmes Inspection - Part 1
Episode 12: Wall of Sound
Episode 11: What a Mesh
Episode 10: Showing the Cracks
Episode 9: Taking a Bath
Episode 8: Out of the Ashes - Part 2
Episode 7: Out of the Ashes - Part 1
Episode 6: For Annie
Episode 5: Bargain Basement
Episode 4: Ceiling the Deal
Episode 3: Falling Flat
Episode 2: House Arrest
Episode 1: O-Fence-Ive
Episode 13: House to Home - Part 2
Episode 12: House to Home - Part 1
Episode 11: Unfinished Business
Episode 10: Hullaba Loo
Episode 9: This Mold House
Episode 8: Sunny Side Down
Episode 7: Best Laid Plans
Episode 6: A River Ran Through It
Episode 5: Bar None
Episode 4: Kitchen Coleslaw
Episode 3: Bungled Bungalow
Episode 2: Window Well to Hell
Episode 1: Two Steps Back
Episode 13: Smoke and Mirrors
Episode 12: Honeymoon En Suite
Episode 11: Twice Bitten
Episode 10: Wash & Weep
Episode 9: Drain Disdain
Episode 8: Wall of Shame
Episode 7: Step By Step
Episode 6: All Decked Out
Episode 5: Semi-Dilemma
Episode 4: Exit Wound
Episode 3: Cold Feet
Episode 2: Cabinet Chaos
Episode 1: Shower Stalled
Episode 13: Hell's Kitchen
Episode 12: No Grout About It
Episode 11: Access Denied
Episode 10: Jacking the Box
Episode 9: Doozy Jacuzzi
Episode 8: Floor Fiasco
Episode 7: Roof Goof
Episode 6: Lamin-Ain't
Episode 5: Garage Grievance
Episode 4: Flooded Foundation
Episode 3: Ramp Revamp
Episode 2: Drafty Ducting
Episode 1: Terrible Terrace
Episode 13: Whole House Disaster
Episode 12: Sweet Home Abandoned
Episode 11: Site Unseen
Episode 10: Tiles and Tribulations
Episode 9: Faulty Showers
Episode 8: Window Pain
Episode 7: Kitchen Catastrophe
Episode 6: Flimsy Floor
Episode 5: Cold Comfort
Episode 4: Attica! Attica! / Crappy Capping
Episode 3: Botched Basement
Episode 2: Soggy Sorority
Episode 1: Additional Grief