Henry Hugglemonster (2013)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Family , Fantasy , Music

Plot: Henry Hugglemonster is the story of a mischievous 5-year-old monster named Henry who loves adventures, discoveries, and being with his family. Each day brings new opportunities for Henry to explore his feelings and learn important life lessons about working with others, showing kindness, and getting along with siblings. Henry finds love and support from his parents, Daddo and Momma; and his brothers and sisters, Cobby , Summer, and Ivor. Read More



Episode 26: Monster in Charge
Episode 25: Carried Away
Episode 24: Fangs Out
Episode 23: Grr Power
Episode 22: Enormo Henry
Episode 21: Monsters On The Town
Episode 20: Henry, Incorporated
Episode 19: Paint the Town
Episode 18: Fireworks Night
Episode 17: Promises Promises
Episode 16: The Huggledance Party
Episode 15: The Hugglejuice Stand
Episode 14: The Huggleball Game
Episode 13: Sneez-O-Rama
Episode 12: Henry's Hugglefish
Episode 11: Number One Fan
Episode 10: Pet Party
Episode 9: Bye Bye Beckett
Episode 8: Mega Bouncers
Episode 7: The Henry Show
Episode 6: The Copymonster
Episode 5: Runaway Dough
Episode 4: The Sore Roar
Episode 3: Astrobrix
Episode 2: Monster Lullaby
Episode 1: The Huggleflower