Heirs of the Night (2019)


Genre: Fantasy , Horror

Plot: In 1898, a prophecy warns the five remaining vampire clans in Europe that they need to unite or else they will become extinct. Joining forces is easier said than done. The last decades the clans have been fighting each other in the clan-wars. Now the Elders will have to set aside their hostile feelings so their young Heirs can attend the vampire school that is created on the ship The Elisabetha. The Heirs will learn each other's powers to become stronger than ever. They have to learn to trust each other and work together if they are to beat Dracula, who has awoken after a long sleep. The young Alisa (14) of the Vamalia clan needs to accept that she has a special connection to Dracula through the Spark. The Heirs face challenges they have never met before like attacks from the feared Redmasks; vampires controlled by Dracula; steering through storms and face vampire hunter Van Helsing. They need to survive all challenges, because they're on a quest and it's up to Alisa and the Heirs to save the world from eternal darkness. Read More



Episode 13: The One to Untie It
Episode 12: Race to the Knot
Episode 11: Find Life
Episode 10: Two Minds as One
Episode 9: A Long Time Coming
Episode 8: Double Crossed
Episode 7: Bad Memories
Episode 5: Storm on the Horizon
Episode 4: The Enemy of My Enemy
Episode 3: Prison of Eternal Light
Episode 2: Fighting the Silver
Episode 1: Losing Faith
Episode 13: Fight to Live Another Night
Episode 12: In the Darkest of Times
Episode 11: Human Red
Episode 10: Maze of the Mind
Episode 9: Freak
Episode 8: Shadow for the Sun
Episode 7: The Curse of the Spark
Episode 6: The Great Escape
Episode 5: The Rooftop Reader
Episode 4: Uninvited Guest
Episode 3: Deholyfication
Episode 2: Vampire School
Episode 1: The Spark