Haunted Hospitals (2018)


Genre: Horror , Reality-tv

Plot: Haunted Hospitals tells chilling tales of otherworldly activity inside hospitals, nursing homes, morgues and medical institutions. Past patients return from the grave seeking revenge. Doctors and nurses insist on overseeing to their wards long after death. Spirits stalk corridors and warn of against pending dangers. Read More



Episode 12: It Followed Me Home
Episode 11: The Angry Chef
Episode 10: From the Other Side: Mikey Thomson
Episode 9: The Woman in White, The Burnt Man, The Harbingers
Episode 8: Reckless Thrills, Shadow Demon
Episode 7: Pushing Back, Three Strikes and I'm Out, This Room is Taken
Episode 6: The Graveyard Shift, The Bridge, The Other Side
Episode 5: The Hand of Death, The Restless Dead, and The Ghost in the Picture
Episode 4: A Spiteful Spirit, and The Portal
Episode 3: Child's Play, Phantom Playmate and the Terror Twins
Episode 2: Soul Taker, The Iron Lu
Episode 1: Dance Of Death, The Feeder and Swept Away
Episode 13: From the Morgue and Obsession
Episode 12: Evil in the Attic, Hell Breaks Loose and Help Me!
Episode 11: The Curse of Hallows' Eve, Room 24 and The Coal Miner's Ghost
Episode 10: Cruel Nurse and Frozen Over
Episode 9: Kill the Lights, The Wrong Floor and Phantom Fall
Episode 8: Where There is Smoke, It Moved and Nun So Wicked
Episode 7: The Suicide Room and The Little Boy
Episode 6: Calls From Beyond, The Grim Reaper and Tagged by a Spirit
Episode 5: Annette, The Shadows and The Smoking Man
Episode 4: Room 13, Voices From the Other Side and The Warning
Episode 3: The Dark Thing, Get Out and The Horror in Room 3
Episode 2: The Possession of Anna, Terror in the Morgue and The Fright Shift
Episode 1: They Have No Eyes, Dark Things and Celebration of Death
Episode 13: Unwanted Visitors
Episode 12: Body & Spirit
Episode 11: Faces Of The Reaper
Episode 10: Suspicious Haunting
Episode 9: Scared To Death
Episode 8: Campus Haunting
Episode 7: Leased to the Devil
Episode 6: The Nurse Medium
Episode 5: Elevator From Hell
Episode 4: Nursing Home Nightmare
Episode 3: Basement Terror
Episode 2: The Matrons Revenge
Episode 1: Demonic Invasion