Hate Thy Neighbor (2017)


Genre: Documentary , Comedy

Plot: With the far-right on the rise in the UK, US and Europe, comedian Jamali Maddix goes on a tour to confront groups spreading hate across the world. Yet this is no ordinary survey of the state of hate, but a genuine attempt by our disarmingly charming and intrepid host to befriend those groups and understand why they think the way they do. Read More



Episode 8: Feminism 101
Episode 7: Border Vigilantes
Episode 6: The White House Preacher
Episode 5: Black Rebel
Episode 1: Love and Hate in the Deep South
Episode 6: Britain's Everyday Extremism
Episode 5: Sweden's Far Right Youth
Episode 4: Forbidden Love in Israel
Episode 3: Football, Fascists & the Frontline
Episode 2: Hunting the White Devil
Episode 1: America's Far White