Hart of the City (2016)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: This eight-episode series follows Kevin Hart as he travels to different cities to explore the local comedy scenes in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Birmingham, Miami and Sacramento. Hart will introduce some of the newest voices in comedy today. Read More



Episode 8: San Diego, CA - with Keith Johnson, Adrian “Adee” McCovy, Dustin Nickerson
Episode 7: Oakland, CA - with Mario Hodge, G. King, Cody Woods
Episode 6: Baltimore, MD - with Ty Davis, Ivan Martin, Sir Alex
Episode 5: Rochester, NY - with Travis Blunt, Joel James, Zack Johnson
Episode 4: Cleveland, OH - with Nelsin Davis, Mike Polk, Rob Ward
Episode 3: New Orleans, LA - with Carissa Cropper, Shaddy McCoy, Arron “A.O.” Odom
Episode 2: Dallas, TX - with Blaq Ron, Gerald Piper, KeLanna Spiller
Episode 1: St. Louis, MO - with Vincent B. Bryant, Princeton Dew, Tahir Moore