Harry's Law (2011)


Genre: Comedy , Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: Emmy Award winner David E. Kelley created this series about fate and the people it brings together. It stars Academy Award winner Kathy Bates as Harriet, a tough talker who is looking for a fresh start after being fired from her job as a patent lawyer. Harriet's world collides with Malcolm, a young man trying to figure out life, and Adam, a legal hotshot who decides to leave his firm to work with her. Along with Harriet's assistant, Jenna, the unlikely team starts a law practice in an unlikely place, a rundown shoe store. Read More



Episode 22: Onward and Upward
Episode 21: The Whole Truth
Episode 20: Class War
Episode 19: And the Band Played On
Episode 18: Breaking Points
Episode 17: The Contest
Episode 16: The Lying Game
Episode 15: Search and Seize
Episode 14: Les Horribles
Episode 13: After the Lovin'
Episode 12: New Kidney on the Block
Episode 11: Gorilla My Dreams
Episode 10: Purple Hearts
Episode 9: Head Games
Episode 8: Insanity
Episode 7: American Girl
Episode 6: The Rematch
Episode 5: Bad to Worse
Episode 4: Queen of Snark
Episode 3: Sins of the Father
Episode 2: There Will Be Blood
Episode 1: Hosanna Roseanna
Episode 12: Last Dance
Episode 11: With Friends Like These
Episode 10: Send in the Clowns
Episode 9: The Fragile Beast
Episode 8: In the Ghetto
Episode 7: American Dreams
Episode 6: Bangers in the House
Episode 5: A Day in the Life
Episode 4: Wheels of Justice
Episode 3: Innocent Man
Episode 2: Heat of Passion
Episode 1: Harry's Law