HarmonQuest (2016)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy

Plot: HarmonQuest is a fantasy comedy adventure series that melds live action comedians riffing on a stage in front of a live studio audience with animated forays into a fantasy adventure role-playing game. The intrepid comedians, Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis, and Erin McGathy, along with a rotating special guest member, gather around a kitchen table and attempt to play the game and fail in hilarious fashion, to the chagrin of their adjudicator-referee- Game Master Spencer Crittenden. Read More



Episode 10: The Virtuous Harmony
Episode 9: The Starshade Expanse
Episode 8: Ad Quod Damnum
Episode 7: The Bloody Teeth
Episode 6: Shatternine Village
Episode 5: Terra Scissus
Episode 4: Goblopolis Found
Episode 3: Ivory Quay
Episode 2: The Shattered Myriad
Episode 1: Goblopolis Lost
Episode 10: The Sorcerer of the Storm
Episode 9: The Castle of Etylai
Episode 8: The Keystone Obelisk
Episode 7: The City of Forlona
Episode 6: The Barely Cursed Bazaar of Commerce
Episode 5: Back to Sandman Desert
Episode 4: Into the Abyss
Episode 3: Bonebreak Village
Episode 2: Demon Realm Devilry
Episode 1: The Quest Continues
Episode 10: Earthscar Village
Episode 9: The Secret Hideout
Episode 8: The Dragon's Temple
Episode 7: The Doorest of Fores
Episode 6: Entering the Sandman Desert
Episode 5: Manoa Prison Hole
Episode 4: Across the Dernum Sea
Episode 3: Welcome to Freshport
Episode 2: The Stone Saw Mines
Episode 1: The Quest Begins