Hardcastle and McCormick (1983)


Genre: Action , Crime , Drama

Plot: Judge Milton "Hardcase" Hardcastle - retired. After years of working for a judicial system that put guilty criminals back on the streets due to technicalities, he takes the law into his own hands by searching them out. Aiding him is a one time car thief now professional driver Mark "Skid" McCormick. McCormick, brought before the judge's final case, is arrested for an "honest steal." Hardcastle gives him the choice of prison or helping him with the 200 plus cold cases. Relunctanly choosing to aid the judge, Hardcastle and McCormick start a loose friendship of justice and con in order to finally those who deserved it in prison. Read More



Episode 22: A Chip off the Ol' Milt
Episode 21: The Day the Music Died
Episode 20: In the Eye of the Beholder
Episode 19: Poker Night
Episode 18: McCormick's Bar and Grill
Episode 17: Round up the Old Gang
Episode 16: Brother Can You Spare a Crime
Episode 15: When I Look Back on All the Things
Episode 14: Hardcastle for Mayor
Episode 13: If You Could See What I See
Episode 12: Duet for Two Wind Instruments
Episode 11: Conventional Warfare
Episode 10: Mirage a Trois
Episode 9: You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful and You're His
Episode 8: Strangle Hold
Episode 7: Games People Play
Episode 6: Do Not Go Gentle
Episode 5: The Career Breaker
Episode 4: Something's Going on on This Train
Episode 3: The Yankee Clipper
Episode 2: Faster Heart
Episode 1: She Ain't Deep, But She Sure Runs Fast
Episode 22: Angie's Choice
Episode 21: The Game You Learn from Your Father
Episode 20: Undercover McCormick
Episode 19: Surprise on Seagull Beach
Episode 18: The Birthday Present
Episode 17: You Don't Hear the One That Gets You
Episode 16: The Long Ago Girl
Episode 15: Hardcastle, Hardcastle, Hardcastle and McCormick
Episode 14: What's So Funny..?
Episode 13: Too Rich and Too Thin
Episode 12: There Goes the Neighborhood
Episode 11: Pennies from a Dead Man's Eyes
Episode 10: Hate the Picture...Love the Frame
Episode 9: It Coulda Been Worse...She Coulda Been a Welder
Episode 8: One of the Girls from Accounting
Episode 7: You and the Horse You Rode in On
Episode 6: Whatever Happened to Guts
Episode 5: Never My Love
Episode 4: D-Day
Episode 3: You Would Cry, Too, if It Happened to You
Episode 2: Ties My Father Sold Me
Episode 1: Outlaw Champion
Episode 23: Scared Stiff
Episode 22: Really Neat Cars and Guys with a Sense of Humor
Episode 21: Did You See the One That Got Away
Episode 20: The Homecoming (2)
Episode 19: The Homecoming (1)
Episode 18: The Georgia Street Motors
Episode 17: School for Scandal
Episode 16: Mr. Hardcastle Goes to Washington
Episode 15: Whistler's Pride
Episode 14: Third Down and Twenty Years to Life
Episode 13: Just Another Round of That Old Song
Episode 12: Flying Down to Rio
Episode 11: Hot Shoes
Episode 10: The Prince of Fat City
Episode 9: Killer B's
Episode 8: Once Again with Vigorish
Episode 7: The Boxer
Episode 6: The Black Widow
Episode 5: Goin' Nowhere Fast
Episode 4: The Crystal Duck
Episode 3: Man in a Glass House
Episode 1: Rolling Thunder