Handcrafted America (2016)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Host Jill Wagner travels the country to seek out talented artisans who continue to make products the traditional way...with their own two hands. In every half-hour episode, Jill meets three gifted craftsmen and gets a behind-the-scenes look at how their products are created. Along the way, viewers learn about the history and cultural heritage that inspire and influence the design of their handcrafted items. Read More



Episode 13: Wristwatches, Cowboy Whips, Luminarias
Episode 12: Recycled Wood Guitars, Silver Teapots, Infinity Bookshelf
Episode 11: Metal Handbags, Razors, Neon Signs
Episode 10: Glass & Metal Faucets, Steamer Trunks, Shuffleboard Tables
Episode 9: Canoes, Adirondack Chairs, Wood Music Stands
Episode 8: River Fishing Nets, Standup Paddle Boards, Aluminum Tables
Episode 7: Etched Crafted Lighting, Driftwood Pens, Straw Hats
Episode 6: Saddle Shoes, Fluted Ceramic Stoneware, Spanish Lanterns
Episode 5: Fire Screens, Toy Cars, Pine Needle Baskets
Episode 4: Glass Piggy Banks, Espresso Machines, Rubboards
Episode 3: Street Tiles, Hammocks, Glass Doors
Episode 2: Salvaged Stools, Baby Wraps, Porch Swings
Episode 1: Spearguns, Wood & Tile Cabinets, Pewter Goblets
Episode 13: Torches, Stained Glass, Wind Chimes
Episode 12: Cast Iron Skillets, Baskets, Axes
Episode 11: Belt Buckles, Music Boxes, Pocket Knives
Episode 10: Leather Chinks, Koa Chess Sets, Weathervanes
Episode 9: Willow Furniture, Skis, Cutting Boards
Episode 8: Brooms, Copper Kitchenware, Hawaiian Drums
Episode 7: Rocking Chairs, Banjos, Fishing Hoop Nets
Episode 6: Pianos, Cowboy Hats, Tin Coffee Pots
Episode 5: Cuckoo Clocks, Baseball Bats, Work Gloves
Episode 4: Violins, Yarn and Golf Putters
Episode 3: Kayaks, Door Knockers, Rocking Horses
Episode 2: Metal Spurs, Hiking Boots, Backpacks
Episode 1: Glass Chandeliers, Garden Tools, Western Saddles
Episode 13: Outdoor Furniture, Flutes and Handmade Paper
Episode 12: Silver Flatware, Aviaries and Fly Fishing Rods
Episode 11: Denim Jeans, Wood Marquetry and Metal Bedframes
Episode 10: Millinery, Longbows and Surfboards
Episode 9: Stained Glass, Baseballs, Footballs, and Jewelry Boxes
Episode 8: Woven Rugs, Sunglasses and Billiard Tables
Episode 7: Sgrafitto Ceramics, Wood Tables and Steampunk Lamps
Episode 6: Wood Pens, Leather Boots and Doors
Episode 5: Bladesmithing, Woodworking and Leather Bags
Episode 4: Leather Wallets, Guitars and Shoes
Episode 3: Glasses, Bicycles and Books
Episode 2: Quilt Maker, Rifles and Stone Carver
Episode 1: Clocks, Chairs and Blacksmithing