Hancock's Half Hour (1956)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: You want a misunderstood, self-proclaimed genius whose lofty ambitions in life are thwarted either by a boorish sidekick or, more often than not, his own painful shortcomings? A man trapped by circumstance? A, let's face it, pompous prig? Tony Hancock is the archetype. The show came along during an era when comedy was steeped in the fast-talking knockabout antics of the music hall. With its character and situation-based humour, Hancock's Half-Hour sounded shockingly naturalistic: almost Pinter-esque by comparison. Read More



Episode 10: The Poison Pen Letters
Episode 9: The East Cheam Centenary
Episode 8: The Photographer
Episode 7: The Ladies Man
Episode 6: The Baby-Sitters
Episode 5: Sid in Love
Episode 4: The Reunion Party
Episode 3: The Emigrant
Episode 2: The Missing Page
Episode 1: The Cold
Episode 10: Football Pools
Episode 9: Spanish Interlude
Episode 8: The Tycoon
Episode 7: The Big Night
Episode 6: The Cruise
Episode 5: The Train Journey
Episode 4: Twelve Angry Men
Episode 3: Lord Byron Lived Here
Episode 2: The Two Murderers
Episode 1: The Economy Drive
Episode 12: The Knighthood
Episode 11: The Oak Tree
Episode 4: The New Nose
Episode 3: The Set That Failed
Episode 1: Ericsson the Viking
Episode 12: Hancock's 43 Minutes
Episode 11: There's An Airfield At the Bottom of My Garden
Episode 10: Competitions - How to Win Money and Influence People
Episode 9: The Lawyer - The Crown vs Sidney James
Episode 5: Air Steward Hancock - The Last of the Many
Episode 1: The Alpine Holiday