Hammer House of Horror (1952)


Genre: Drama , Fantasy , Horror , Mystery

Plot: This series represents the television stage in the long and curious career of Hammer Films, which has its origins in the early years of the twentieth century. Each episode of the series stands alone and has its own cast. All achieve a high standard of psychological tension, in the best traditions of British horror. Look out for British stars of the later 1980s appearing in some of their earliest on-screen roles, including Simon MacCorkindale, Rosalyn Landor, Caroline Langrishe, and Pierce Brosnan. Read More



Episode 13: The Mark of Satan
Episode 12: The Two Faces of Evil
Episode 11: Visitor from the Grave
Episode 10: Guardian of the Abyss
Episode 9: Carpathian Eagle
Episode 8: Children of the Full Moon
Episode 7: The Silent Scream
Episode 6: Charlie Boy
Episode 5: The House that Bled to Death
Episode 4: Growing Pains
Episode 3: Rude Awakening
Episode 2: The Thirteenth Reunion
Episode 1: Witching Time