Hamish and Andy's Caravan of Courage (2009)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Over the past few years we’ve seen Hamish & Andy travel the length and breadth of Australia, sail to Tasmania on a tall ship, bunker down in Afghanistan with the Australian Defence force, and last year drive across the USA in their trusty campervan Abravan Lincoln. Now the time has come to visit the ancestral home of many Australians, a land steeped in history, tradition and legend, the isles of Great Britain and Ireland! Over 12 days Hamish & Andy will journey from Cork in the south of Ireland to Great Britain’s proud capital - London. Traveling far from the highways and byways they’ll get acquainted with the locals, immerse themselves in the unique customs and pastimes, and experience firsthand the myths and folklore. Read More



Episode 4: Australia v New Zealand (2)
Episode 3: Australia v New Zealand (1)