Hackers of CypherCon (2018)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: CypherCon is an annual hacker conference held in Wisconsin that provides hackers with an outlet to openly demonstrate and experience creativity and ingenuity through hands-on enlightening activities, thought provoking presentations and technical projects. Read More



Episode 23: Anatomy of a Hot Wallet: Bitcoin at Scale with Matthew Werner
Episode 21: Thrift Shopping with your Data with Josh Frantz
Episode 19: What the World Needs Now is Ham, Sweet Ham with Jonathan Tomek
Episode 18: Sorry About Your WAF with Johnny Xmas & Sam Crowther
Episode 16: Decrypting the Mess that is Communication Security Negotiation with Jim Nitterauer
Episode 11: Remote Wireless Pentesting with Eric Escobar & Matt Orme
Episode 10: Tracking an Adversary's Learning Curve with Edd Black
Episode 7: Bug Bounty Law with Dr. Amit Elazari Bar On
Episode 3: The Magic of Forensic Artifacts Hiding in Plain Sight with Cindy Murphy
Episode 19: An Interdisciplinary View of Risk, Applications for Security with Susan Lincke
Episode 18: Hidden in Plain Sight, Steganography & Digital Watermarking with Ryan Fox
Episode 16: Embedding Security with Mike Kavka