Growing Up Chrisley (2019)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Todd Chrisley's adult children, Chase & Savannah, travel to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams. Chase wants to be an actor and Savannah has her sights set on the beauty industry, but Nashville isn't LA, and their father is still watching them closely. Read More



Episode 8: Newlywed Shame
Episode 7: Boys Gone Wild
Episode 6: Life-guarding For Dummies
Episode 5: Rent-a-Nanny
Episode 4: Can't Buy Me Love
Episode 3: Peeping Todd
Episode 2: Stressed for Success
Episode 1: Going for Gold
Episode 7: Starving Artists Unite
Episode 6: Operation: Rescue Savannah
Episode 5: The Hollywood Hustle Hits Home
Episode 4: Braveheart & Beauty Shots
Episode 3: Welcome to La La Land
Episode 2: A Strange Trip With Nanny Faye
Episode 1: Chase & Savannah Fly The Nest