Ground Floor (2013)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: A workplace comedy with a romantic twist, "Ground Floor" is set in the modern world of corporate America. The show centers on Brody, a young hot-shot banker at Whitestone Trust who thought he was just having a one-night stand with Jennifer, a beautiful woman he met at a bar. But when he discovers that she works in maintenance for the building where he works, their worlds begin to collide in the most unexpected way. Facing Brody’s critical boss, Mr. Mansfield, as well as annoyed colleagues, the pair must find a way to deal with their growing feelings for each other in this modern take on Romeo & Juliet. Read More



Episode 10: The Proposal (2)
Episode 9: The Proposal (1)
Episode 8: The Mansfield Who Came to Dinner
Episode 7: Wicked Wedding
Episode 6: Love and Basketball
Episode 5: Mano-A-Mansfield
Episode 4: The Break-Ups
Episode 3: Space Invader
Episode 2: Baked and Toasted
Episode 1: Unforgiven
Episode 10: The Decision (2)
Episode 9: The Decision (1)
Episode 8: Dynamic Duo
Episode 7: Woman on Top
Episode 6: If I Were a Rich Man
Episode 5: Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Episode 4: The Gift
Episode 3: The New Office
Episode 2: Off to the Races
Episode 1: Pilot