Greek (2007)


Plot: Greek is a dramedy set at fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University, which focuses on the social minefield that is the Greek system. Viewers will see this unique cast of characters navigate their way through this treacherous terrain as they try to find their place at Cyprus-Rhodes University. Read More



Episode 10: Legacy
Episode 9: Agents for Change
Episode 8: Subclass Plagiostomi
Episode 7: Midnight Clear
Episode 6: Fumble
Episode 5: Home Coming and Going
Episode 4: All About Beav
Episode 3: Cross Examined Life
Episode 2: Fools Rush In
Episode 1: Defending Your Honor
Episode 20: All Children... Grow Up
Episode 19: The First Last
Episode 18: Camp Buy Me Love
Episode 17: The Big Easy Does It
Episode 16: Your Friends and Neighbors
Episode 15: Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe... or Not
Episode 14: The Tortoise and the Hair
Episode 13: Take Me Out
Episode 12: Pride and Punishment
Episode 11: I Know What You Did Last Semester
Episode 10: Friend or Foe
Episode 9: The Wish Pretzel
Episode 8: Fight the Power
Episode 7: The Dork Knight
Episode 6: Lost and Founders
Episode 5: Down On Your Luck
Episode 4: High and Dry
Episode 3: The Half Naked Gun
Episode 2: Our Fathers
Episode 1: The Day After
Episode 22: At World's End
Episode 21: Tailgate Expectations
Episode 20: Isn't it Bro Mantic
Episode 19: Social Studies
Episode 18: Divine Secrets & the ZBZ Sisterhood
Episode 17: Guilty Treasures
Episode 16: Dearly Beloved
Episode 15: Evasive Actions
Episode 14: Big Littles and Jumbo Shrimp
Episode 13: Engendered Species
Episode 12: From Rushing with Love
Episode 11: Take Me Home, Cyprus Rhodes
Episode 10: Hell Week
Episode 9: Three's a Crowd
Episode 8: The Popular Vote
Episode 7: Formally Yours
Episode 6: See You Next Time, Sisters!
Episode 5: Pledge Allegiance
Episode 4: Gays, Ghosts and Gamma Rays
Episode 3: Let's Make a Deal
Episode 2: Crush Landing
Episode 1: Brothers and Sisters
Episode 22: Spring Broke
Episode 21: Barely Legal
Episode 20: A Tale of Two Parties
Episode 19: No Campus for Old Rules
Episode 18: Mister Purr-fect
Episode 17: 47 Hours & 11 Minutes
Episode 16: Move On. Cartwrights
Episode 15: Freshman Daze
Episode 14: War and Peace
Episode 13: Highway to the Discomfort Zone
Episode 12: The Great Cappie
Episode 11: A New Normal
Episode 10: Black, White and Read All Over
Episode 9: Depth Perception
Episode 8: Separation Anxiety
Episode 7: Multiple Choice
Episode 6: Friday Night Frights
Episode 5: Liquid Courage
Episode 4: Picking Teams
Episode 3: The Rusty Nail
Episode 2: Hazed and Confused
Episode 1: Pilot