Good Guys Bad Guys (1997)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: Good Guys, Bad Guys was an Australian crime TV series that screened on the Nine Network between 1997 and 1998, with a telemovie and twenty-six episodes produced. A comedy/drama set in Melbourne. The program was written for, and starred, Marcus Graham as Elvis Maginnis. A disgraced former cop, tainted by his criminal family and framed for corruption, Elvis owns "K for Kleen" drycleaning, managed by the eminently more sensible Stella Kinsella and sweetheart Reuben Zeus who has Tourette syndrome. Elvis's attempts at a straight life are constantly compromised by the demands of his eccentric family, while Stella's attempts at making "K-for-Kleen" turn a profit are frustrated by Elvis's penchant for damsels in distress and a hard-luck story. He may not have a white stallion, but Elvis has a beautiful Charger. The program was filmed in Melbourne, predominantly around the inner-city "bohemian" suburbs of St. Kilda, Fitzroy and Carlton. The film style incorporated local colour - Melbourne trams, landmarks like Smith Street's Cobra cane furniture shop, and the Builder's Arms Hotel as Elvis's local - and a soundtrack of the then-latest Australian music, matched to the action. The Good Guys, Bad Guys soundtrack CD features Regurgitator, The Fauves, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Whitlams, The Avalanches, Spiderbait, The Cruel Sea and The Mavis's among others. Read More



Episode 13: A Bilby in RatÕs Clothing
Episode 12: Little Time Bomb
Episode 11: Angel
Episode 10: Little Time Bomb
Episode 9: Sharp as an Eagle, Soft as a Prayer
Episode 8: Gone to the Dogs
Episode 7: One Point Eight Million Reasons to Change Your Name (1)
Episode 6: One Point Eight Million Reasons to Change Your Name (2)
Episode 5: The Sound of One Hand Killing
Episode 4: New Dogs, Old Tricks
Episode 3: Storm Warning
Episode 2: Only the Young Die Good (2)
Episode 1: Only the Young Die Good (1)