Good Behavior (2016)


Plot: Letty Raines is a thief and con artist whose life is always one wrong turn, one bad decision, from implosion. Which is just how she likes it. Fresh out of prison, she's attempting to stay afloat. But when she overhears a hit man being hired to kill a man's wife, she sets out to derail the job, sending her on a wild collision course with the charming killer, and entangling them in a dangerous, seductive relationship. Read More



Episode 10: Letty Raines, in the Mansion, With the Gun
Episode 9: And I Am a Violent Criminal
Episode 8: Stay Beautiful
Episode 7: Don't Thank God, Thank Me
Episode 6: It's No Fun If It's Easy
Episode 5: You Could Discover Me
Episode 4: I Think it's a Sign
Episode 3: Because I'm Mrs. Claus
Episode 2: I Want You to Leave a Person Alive for Once
Episode 1: The Heart Attack Is the Best Way
Episode 10: All the Things
Episode 9: For You I'd Go with Strawberry
Episode 8: It Still Fits Bitch
Episode 7: The Ballad of Little Santino
Episode 6: We Pretend We're Stuck
Episode 5: Beautiful Things Deserve Beautiful Things
Episode 4: Your Mama Had a Hard Night
Episode 3: From Terrible Me
Episode 2: Only the Best for Mrs. Diaz
Episode 1: So You're Not an English Teacher