Goliath (2016)


Plot: Billy Mcbride is going through a rough patch. He has been fired from the law firm he helped build, his wife has left him, and he's now a down on his luck ambulance chaser. A lady (Patty) approaches him to represent her in a wrongful death case. After reluctantly accepting to take on the case, a series of strange events befall Billy. Through death threats, harassment, and trumped up arrests, Billy embarks on obtaining justice, and it is one hell of a ride. Additional unique cases eventually come Billy and Patty's way, making the ride even more entertaining. Read More



Episode 8: It's Time
Episode 7: Lawyer Trickery Bullshit
Episode 6: Rundleworks
Episode 5: Spilt Milk
Episode 4: Forcibly Removed
Episode 3: Signed, William Hamilton McBride
Episode 2: The Pain Killer
Episode 1: Hadleyville
Episode 8: Joy Division
Episode 7: Conscious Uncoupling
Episode 6: Fer-De-Lance
Episode 5: Argus 2: Battledome
Episode 4: Full Circle
Episode 3: Good Morning, Central Valley
Episode 2: Happiness from the Ground Up
Episode 1: The Subsidence Adventure
Episode 8: Tongue Tied
Episode 7: Diablo Verde
Episode 6: Two Cinderellas
Episode 5: Who's Gabriel
Episode 4: Alo
Episode 3: Fresh Flowers
Episode 2: Politics
Episode 1: La Mano
Episode 8: Citizens United
Episode 7: Beauty and the Beast
Episode 6: Line of Fire
Episode 5: Cover Your Ass
Episode 4: It's Donald
Episode 3: Game On
Episode 2: Pride and Prejudice
Episode 1: Of Mice and Men