Goldie and Bear (2015)


Genre: Animation , Family , Fantasy , Music

Plot: "Goldie & Bear" is set in the magical world of Fairy Tale Forest, reuniting Goldie (voiced by Natalie Lander from "The Middle") and Bear (Georgie Kidder from "Star Wars: The Clone Wars") after the porridge incident featured in "Goldilocks. Read More



Episode 22: Cheshire Goldie
Episode 21: All the King's Men
Episode 20: A Fish Tale
Episode 19: Suddenly Spots
Episode 18: Big Bad House Guest
Episode 17: Thumbelina's Wild Ride
Episode 16: Golden Kickball
Episode 15: The Egg
Episode 14: Clubhouse That Jack Built
Episode 13: Pinocchio-itis
Episode 12: Big Good Wolf
Episode 11: Moon Jump
Episode 10: Goose Sitters
Episode 9: Bear's Red Shoes
Episode 8: Little Gold Riding Hood
Episode 7: Fee Fi Fo Shoe
Episode 6: Furry Godmother
Episode 5: Abraca Cabbage
Episode 4: Tiny Tale
Episode 3: Too Much Jack & Jill
Episode 2: Big Bear
Episode 1: The Birthday Chair