Gold Rush: Parker's Trail (2017)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Despite striking it rich mining in his home state of Alaska, "Gold Rush" star Parker Schnabel isn't satisfied. He's always wondered if he could follow in the footsteps of his forebears and take on the legendary Klondike Gold Rush trail. Wonder no more. In honor of his family -- especially his beloved grandfather, who always inspired him to push beyond his limits -- Parker attempts to mimic a journey that killed thousands of brave souls in the late 19th century. As winter closes in, he begins the trek across the Coastal Range and works his way to the fabled goldfields of the Klondike. He's joined by his foreman, Rick Ness; wilderness guide Karla Ann, who once worked with Parker as a rock truck driver; and cameramen James Levelle, who has known Parker for years. Read More



Episode 9: Aussie Gold Strike
Episode 8: Future Ground
Episode 7: Hard Rock Risks
Episode 6: Mine, Moment, Machine
Episode 5: The Honey Pot
Episode 4: Hell's Crack
Episode 3: Trial by Fire
Episode 2: Tyler's Trial
Episode 1: Welcome Stranger
Episode 10: Expedition Gold
Episode 9: Uncharted Territory
Episode 8: Path to Gold
Episode 7: Parker Vs. Backhoe
Episode 6: Hunt for Hidden Gold
Episode 5: The Monster Mine
Episode 4: Mercury Rising
Episode 3: Lethal Landslide
Episode 2: Dangerous Depths
Episode 1: Legendary Prospects
Episode 7: Revelations
Episode 6: The Jungle Strikes Back
Episode 5: X Marks the Spot
Episode 4: Gold Wars: The Jungle Awakens
Episode 3: Hell Dorado
Episode 2: Welcome to the Jungle
Episode 1: Mining With Monsters
Episode 4: Hypothermia
Episode 3: Racing the Freeze
Episode 2: Footsteps of Legends
Episode 1: Before the Trail