Go On (2012)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: After taking some time to deal with the death of his wife, sportscaster Ryan King is ready to push his feelings down and get back to work. However, Ryan's boss, preferring that Ryan work through his grief first, refuses to let him back on air until he gets counseling. Reluctantly, Ryan joins a support group, where his lack of interest in healing not only makes therapy interesting but also may just serve as the breath of fresh air needed to get his fellow group members back on track to health. Read More



Episode 22: Urn-ed Run
Episode 21: Fast Breakup
Episode 20: Matchup Problems
Episode 19: Go For the Gold Watch
Episode 18: Double Down
Episode 17: Ring and a Miss
Episode 16: Go Deep
Episode 15: Pass Interference
Episode 14: Comeback Player of the Year
Episode 13: Gooooaaaallll Doll!
Episode 12: Win at All Costas
Episode 11: The World Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
Episode 10: Back, Back, Back... It's Gone!
Episode 9: Dinner Takes All
Episode 8: Videogame, Set, Match
Episode 7: Any Given Birthday
Episode 6: Big League Chew
Episode 5: Do You Believe In Ghosts... Yes!
Episode 4: Bench-Clearing Brawl
Episode 3: There's No 'Ryan' in Team
Episode 2: He Got Game, She Got Cats
Episode 1: Pilot