Gigantor (1963)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: Gigantor is an American adaptation of the anime version of Tetsujin 28-go, a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama released in 1956. It debuted on U.S. television in 1964. As with Speed Racer, the characters' original names were altered and the original series' violence was toned down for American viewers. The series "was resurrected, in color, as The New Adventures of Gigantor, by the Sci Fi Channel in 1993." Read More



Episode 26: Danger's Dinosaurs!
Episode 25: The Robot Arsenal!
Episode 24: The Devil Gantry!
Episode 23: The Evil Robot Brain!
Episode 22: The Secret Formula Robbery!
Episode 21: The Atomic Whale!
Episode 20: Gigantor and the Desert Fire!
Episode 19: The Deadly Sting Rays!
Episode 18: Battle of the Robot Giants!
Episode 17: The Robot Albatross!
Episode 16: Magnaman of Outer Space!
Episode 15: The Robot Firebird!
Episode 14: The City Smashers!
Episode 13: The Insect Monsters!
Episode 12: Vanishing Mountain!
Episode 11: Return of Magnaman!
Episode 10: The Space Cats!
Episode 9: The Gypsy Spaceship!
Episode 8: Ransom at Point X!
Episode 7: The Crossbones Caper!
Episode 6: The Robot Olympics!
Episode 5: Gigantor Who?
Episode 4: The Space Submarine!
Episode 3: The Plot to Seize Gigantor!
Episode 2: Ten Thousand Gigantors!
Episode 1: Will the Real Gigantor Stand Up?
Episode 26: Monster from the Deep!
Episode 25: Trap at 20 Fathoms!
Episode 24: Target: Jupiter!
Episode 23: The Monster Magnet!
Episode 22: The Incredible Speed Machine!
Episode 21: The Atomic Flame!
Episode 20: The Deadly Web!
Episode 19: The Great Hunt!
Episode 18: The Giant Cobra!
Episode 17: The Mystery Missile!
Episode 16: Treasure Mountain!
Episode 15: The Submarine Base!
Episode 14: The Magic Multiplier!
Episode 13: The Freezer Ray!
Episode 12: The Smoke Robots!
Episode 11: Badge of Danger!
Episode 10: World in Danger!
Episode 9: Force of Terror!
Episode 8: Dangerous Doctor Diamond!
Episode 7: The Diamond Smugglers!
Episode 6: The Secret Valley!
Episode 5: Spider's Revenge!
Episode 4: Return of the Spider!
Episode 3: Sting of the Spider!
Episode 2: Battle at the Bottom of the World!
Episode 1: Struggle at the South Pole!