Ghost Hunters (2004)


Genre: Thriller

Plot: Fifteen years after introducing the world to the field of authentic paranormal investigation, "Ghost Hunters" returns to television. The series that terrified and captivated fans for 11 seasons will follow one of the original team leaders, Grant Wilson, and his handpicked group of professional ghost hunters as they use their decades of field experience to investigate hauntings across the country. Engaging forensic experts, historical records and the most innovative technology available, the new squad will help everyday people who are struggling with unexplained supernatural phenomena. The team is committed to discovering the truth to give relief to those plagued by paranormal activity and will follow the evidence they uncover wherever it may lead. Read More



Episode 4: The Cursed Castle
Episode 3: Return to St. Augustine
Episode 4: Children in the Attic
Episode 3: Phantom for the First Course
Episode 2: Ghost Guards
Episode 1: All Aboard the Ghost Train
Episode 13: 1st Edition Apparition
Episode 12: Rockets Red Scare
Episode 11: Innocent Until Proven Dead
Episode 10: Darker Learning
Episode 9: Houghton Hears a Who?
Episode 8: Fortress of Phantoms
Episode 7: The Plot Thickens
Episode 6: There Ghosts the Neighborhood
Episode 5: Fright at the Opera
Episode 4: Over My Dead Body
Episode 3: Last Will and Evidence
Episode 2: Too Many Apparitions in the Kitchen
Episode 1: Barrels of Boos
Episode 26: Phantoms of the Opera
Episode 24: A Textbook Case
Episode 22: Nine Men's Misery
Episode 21: Dead Presidents
Episode 20: Family Plot
Episode 19: Don't Forget About Us
Episode 18: Phantom Fleet
Episode 17: Orphans of Gettysburg
Episode 16: Hyde And Seek
Episode 15: Shock Island
Episode 14: The Coroner's Case
Episode 13: Undying Love
Episode 12: Something In The Water
Episode 11: Hoover Damned
Episode 10: Vintage Spirits
Episode 9: Ghost Friends Forever
Episode 8: The Ghost Hasn't Left the Building
Episode 7: Scream Park
Episode 6: Ghosts From Hale
Episode 5: All Ghosts On Deck
Episode 4: Permanent Residents
Episode 3: Prescription For Fear
Episode 2: Ghost Mission
Episode 1: Hollywood Horror Stories
Episode 26: Haunted Home for the Holiday
Episode 25: Due Date With Death
Episode 24: Higher Dead-ucation
Episode 23: Paranormal Pioneers
Episode 22: Heir Apparition
Episode 21: Tunnels of Terror
Episode 20: Fear Factory
Episode 19: Curtain Call
Episode 18: Paranormal Politics
Episode 17: Ghostly Refuge
Episode 16: Don't Feed The Apparition
Episode 15: French Quarter Massacre
Episode 14: Camp Fear
Episode 13: A Serial Killer's Revenge
Episode 12: Please Sign The Ghost Book
Episode 11: The Princess And The Evp
Episode 10: Haunted By Heroes
Episode 9: A Family Of Spirits
Episode 8: A Ghost Of A Marine
Episode 7: Frighternity
Episode 6: City Hell
Episode 5: Moonshine & Madness
Episode 4: Dead & Breakfast
Episode 3: Flooded Souls
Episode 2: Buyer Beware
Episode 1: Roller Ghoster
Episode 25: Christmas Spirit
Episode 24: Membership Denied
Episode 23: Distillery of Spirits
Episode 22: Voices of Pain
Episode 21: The Bloodiest 47 Acres
Episode 20: Murdered Matron
Episode 19: Stage Fright
Episode 18: Roasts And Ghosts
Episode 17: Well Of Horror
Episode 16: Harvesting Murder
Episode 15: Ghost Of Carnegie
Episode 14: Ghostly Evidence
Episode 13: Dark Shadows
Episode 12: Hill View Manor
Episode 11: Urgent
Episode 10: Pearl Harbor Phantoms
Episode 9: A Soldier's Story
Episode 8: Knights of the Living Dead
Episode 7: Residual Haunts
Episode 6: Frozen In Fear
Episode 5: Hotel Haunts Unleashed
Episode 4: French Quarter Phantoms
Episode 3: Century Of Hauntings
Episode 2: Pennsylvania Asylum
Episode 1: Haunted Town
Episode 24: TAPS Meets the Real Housewives of Atlanta
Episode 22: Empire State Haunt
Episode 19: The Chopping Block
Episode 18: Time To Get Touched
Episode 22: Pensacola Lighthouse
Episode 20: Ghost of Buffalo Bill
Episode 15: A Bat Out of Hell
Episode 13: Judgement Day
Episode 11: Civil War Spirits
Episode 9: Inhuman Entity
Episode 8: Garden State Asylum
Episode 6: Titanic Terror
Episode 7: Irish Ruins
Episode 6: Attack of the Irish Elemental
Episode 2: O.K. Corral
Episode 18: Hartford Conservatory
Episode 15: Ghostly Grace & The Palladium
Episode 14: Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Episode 9: Worthington Home & Rolling Hills Asylum
Episode 8: Astor's Newport Mansion/Roselle Park
Episode 7: Tanguay Home/Sutcliffe House
Episode 6: Ledge Lighthouse/Merchant House
Episode 5: Bradley Playhouse/Harris Firehouse
Episode 4: Mordecai House & USS N. Carolina
Episode 3: Deville's House and Brennan's Restaurant (Meehan's House)
Episode 2: Grafton & Cranson Case
Episode 1: Myrtle's Plantation
Episode 10: The Negative Entity
Episode 9: New Boston Inn / Gloria's House
Episode 8: Fortuna Apartment / Topton's House
Episode 7: The Armory
Episode 6: The Converted Church
Episode 5: Eastern State Penitentiary
Episode 2: Mishler Theatre
Episode 1: Altoona Tantrum