Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls (2013)


Genre: Adventure , Reality-tv

Plot: Bear Grylls has climbed Mount Everest, endured dozens of bone-crushing injuries, explored the world's most unforgiving and desolate locations. Now he's taking 20 ordinary Americans along for the ride. In this ultimate test of strength and endurance, both inner and physical, 10 teams of two (made up of friends or family members) will be stranded for 25 days in the remote landscapes of New Zealand. Their mission? Survive the wild, journey as a group and avoid elimination. Read More



Episode 8: No Guts, No Glory
Episode 7: Frozen Planet
Episode 6: The Tough Get Going
Episode 5: Don't Look Down
Episode 4: The Mountains Will Give You Strength
Episode 3: Leave No Man Behind
Episode 2: Living on the Edge
Episode 1: The Wild Is Revealing