Get a Life (1990)


Genre: Comedy , Fantasy

Plot: Get a Life is a television sitcom that was broadcast in the United States on the Fox Network from September 23, 1990, to March 8, 1992. The show stars Chris Elliott as a 30-year-old paperboy named Chris Peterson. Peterson lived in an apartment above his parents' garage. The opening credits depict Chris Peterson delivering newspapers on his bike to the show's theme song, "Stand" by R.E.M. The show was a creation of Elliott, Adam Resnick and writer/director David Mirkin. Mirkin was executive producer/showrunner of the series and also directed most of the episodes. Notable writers of the series included Charlie Kaufman, screenwriter of Being John Malkovich; and Bob Odenkirk, co-creator of Mr. Show with Bob and David and Tenacious D. The show was unconventional for a prime time sitcom, and many times the storylines of the episodes were surreal. For example, Elliott's character actually dies in twelve episodes. The causes of death included being crushed by a giant boulder, old age, tonsillitis, stab wounds, gunshot wounds, falling from an airplane, strangulation, getting run over by cars, choking on cereal, and simply exploding. For this reason, it was a struggle for Elliott and Mirkin to get the show on the air. Many of the executives at the Fox Network hated the show and thought it was too disturbing and that Elliott's character was too insane. Read More



Episode 13: Clip Show
Episode 12: 1977 2000
Episode 11: SPEWEY and Me
Episode 10: Bad Fish
Episode 9: Chris' Brain Starts Working
Episode 8: Girlfriend 2000
Episode 7: Chris Becomes a Male Escort
Episode 6: Prisoner of Love
Episode 5: Chris Gets His Tonsils Out
Episode 4: Health Inspector 2000
Episode 3: Meat Locker 2000
Episode 2: Larry on the Loose
Episode 1: Chris Moves Out
Episode 22: Psychic 2000
Episode 21: The One Where Chris and Larry Switch Lives
Episode 20: Neptune 2000
Episode 19: The Big City
Episode 18: The Construction Worker Show
Episode 17: Camping 2000
Episode 16: Married
Episode 15: Houseboy 2000
Episode 14: Chris Wins a Celebrity
Episode 13: Chris vs. Donald
Episode 12: The Counterfeit Watch Story
Episode 11: Roots
Episode 10: Zoo Animals on Wheels
Episode 9: Bored Straight
Episode 8: The Sitting
Episode 7: Drivers License
Episode 6: Paperboy 2000
Episode 5: Pile of Death
Episode 4: A Family Affair
Episode 3: Dadicus
Episode 2: The Prettiest Week of My Life
Episode 1: Terror on the Hell Loop 2000