George Clarke's Amazing Spaces (2012)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: For many the dream of having a bolt hole or a place to escape from their hectic lives can seem unobtainable. Architect George Clarke shows how such big dreams can be achieved in small and affordable places. George delves into the extraordinary world of small builds to meet the highly creative people who are taking tiny, unpromising spaces and creating the most incredible places to live and work and play. There are homes made out of shipping containers, horseboxes, and old buses. Others are building tiny huts or incredible treehouses in the middle of the woods. Read More



Episode 6: Big Build Special - The Caravan
Episode 5: Big Build Special - The Rotating House
Episode 4: Barn, Retirement Minivan & Observatory
Episode 3: Mini HGV Caravan & Railway Carriage
Episode 2: Circus Wagon, Tree Hotel & Camping Pod
Episode 1: Fire Engine, Shepherd's Hut & Telescope
Episode 4: Coach and Plane
Episode 3: Kids' Den and Jet Engine
Episode 1: Disappearing Bathroom and Reliant Robin
Episode 8: Chill-Out Den, Sphere, Hastings
Episode 7: German Fire Truck & Community Classroom
Episode 6: Camping Trailer & Mobile Classroom
Episode 5: Gin Bar, Cathedral & Narrowboat
Episode 4: Trailer, Helicopter & Water Tower
Episode 1: Luxury Mobile, Retro Caravanette & South AndalucĂ­a
Episode 8: The Garden Tailor and a Cabin in the Sky
Episode 7: Wartime Bunker & Library Van
Episode 6: Campervan and Olympic Dome
Episode 5: Tiny House, Horsebox & Workshop
Episode 4: Double Decker & Super Den
Episode 3: Jet Summer House & Funky Apartment
Episode 2: Sewage Works, Chapel & Japan
Episode 1: Japan, Dudley & Yorkshire Camper