Generator Rex (2010)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Family , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: Five years prior to the start of the series, a massive explosion released nanites into the atmosphere, infecting every living thing on Earth. These nanites randomly activate inside their hosts, mutating the subject into a monster known as an E.V.O. (Exponentially Variegated Organism). These Evos are usually mindless creatures that are a danger to everything around them. To combat the Evo threat, the organization known as Providence was created to capture and cure them. Rex is a 15-year-old amnesiac teenager who, like everyone else, has been infected with nanites. However, unlike most Evos, Rex can control his nanites, allowing him to manifest a variety of powers and even cure other Evos of their mutations. Working with Providence under Agent Six, he helps stop the Evos as they appear. Working against Providence is Van Kleiss, an Evo with connections that are not only to the event which released the nanites, but to Rex as well. Read More



Episode 20: Endgame (2)
Episode 19: Endgame (1)
Episode 18: Rock My World
Episode 17: Enemies Mine
Episode 16: Target: Consortium
Episode 15: Hermanos
Episode 14: Mind Games
Episode 13: A Brief History of Time
Episode 12: Remote Control
Episode 11: Assault on Abysus
Episode 10: Deadzone
Episode 9: Black and White
Episode 8: Guy vs. Guy
Episode 7: Double Vision
Episode 6: Riddle of the Sphinx
Episode 5: Phantom of the Soap Opera
Episode 3: Heroes United (1)
Episode 2: Crash and Burn
Episode 1: Back in Black
Episode 19: Lions and Lambs
Episode 18: Six Minus Six
Episode 17: Grounded
Episode 16: Exposed
Episode 15: A Family Holiday
Episode 14: Hard Target
Episode 13: Night Falls
Episode 12: Written in Sand
Episode 11: Without a Paddle
Episode 10: Moonlighting
Episode 9: Haunted
Episode 8: Outpost
Episode 7: Mixed Signals
Episode 6: Divide by Six
Episode 5: Robo Bobo
Episode 4: Alliance
Episode 3: Lost Weekend
Episode 2: Waste Land
Episode 1: Rampage
Episode 21: Payback
Episode 20: Badlands
Episode 19: Promises, Promises
Episode 18: Plague
Episode 17: Basic
Episode 16: The Swarm
Episode 15: What Lies Beneath
Episode 14: Gravity
Episode 13: The Hunter
Episode 12: Rabble
Episode 11: Operation: Wingman
Episode 10: The Forgotten
Episode 9: Dark Passage
Episode 8: Breach
Episode 7: Leader Of The Pack
Episode 6: Frostbite
Episode 5: The Architect
Episode 4: Lockdown
Episode 3: Beyond The Sea
Episode 2: String Theory
Episode 1: Day That Everything Changed