Game On (1995)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: A 1990s flat-share sitcom which, in its tales of the sexual adventures and misadventures of three twenty-somethings living under the same roof, featured more than a dash of crudity. Matthew, a wealthy, workshy landlord who, because of a strange phobia, never leaves the flat. Martin and Matthew have been friends since schooldays and Mandy's connection is by way of her best friend Claudia, Martin's sister. Mandy is a bright young woman who wants to better herself and is tired of being treated as a sex object, yet she still tends to find herself jumping into bed with inappropriate men. Both Matthew and Martin are obsessed with sex but neither is conspicuously successful in the field. Read More



Episode 6: Wedding Day
Episode 5: Laura
Episode 4: Crabs
Episode 3: Marines & Vacuum Cleaner
Episode 2: Martin's Baby
Episode 1: Palms, Pigs and Bad Debts
Episode 6: Bruce Willis & Robert DeNiro Holding a Fish
Episode 5: Tangerine Candyfloss & Herne Bay Rock
Episode 4: Heavy Bondage & Custard Creams
Episode 3: Double Hard Bastards & Girly Shirt-Lifting Tosspieces
Episode 2: Slime Surfers & Jissom Monkeys
Episode 1: Roundheads & Cavaliers
Episode 6: Fame
Episode 5: Matthew, a Suitable Case for Treatment
Episode 4: The Great Escape
Episode 3: Bad Timing
Episode 2: Working Girls
Episode 1: Big Wednesday