G4's Proving Ground (2011)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Hosts Ryan Dunn and Jessica Chobot, along with their team of experts, perform real-life stunts based on pop culture moments from films, television and video games. If you've ever wondered if people could actually fly around on a broomstick a la Harry Potter, this show is for you. Mechanical experts and prop masters use their skills to create experiments based on feats from movies, television and video games, which the "Proving Ground" guinea pigs then test out, often to disastrous results. Whether it's demonstrating the power of "the Force" from "Star Wars" or getting strapped into an amusement-park ride for a vomit-inducing G-force flight, Chobot, Dunn and the gang cheerfully give it the old college try. Read More



Episode 9: Zombie Apocalypse
Episode 8: Angry Birds
Episode 7: Jedi Powers
Episode 6: Spiderman
Episode 5: Mortal Kombat
Episode 4: Quidditch
Episode 3: Star Trek
Episode 2: The Goonies
Episode 1: Mario Kart