Future Man (2017)


Plot: Janitor Josh Futterman is leading an aimless life but excelling at his favourite video game, when the main characters from said game, Tiger and Wolf, appear and tell him the thing was a test, having been sent back in time to try and locate the one person capable of saving the world. Can the hardened future warriors shape the shiftless Josh into the hero the future needs? Or will the banality of his life drag them all into irrelevance and mediocrity? Read More



Episode 8: Return of the Present
Episode 7: Time Rogues III: Escape from Forever
Episode 6: The Land After Time
Episode 5: Haven Is for Real
Episode 4: The Outlaw Wild Sam Bladden
Episode 3: Trapper's Delight
Episode 2: There Will Be Borscht
Episode 1: The Precipice of Yesterday
Episode 13: Ultra-Max
Episode 12: The Brain Job
Episode 11: Dia de los Robots
Episode 10: Exes and OS
Episode 9: The Ballad of PUP-E Q. Barkington
Episode 8: The Last Horchata
Episode 7: Homicide: Life in the Mons
Episode 6: The Binx Ultimatum
Episode 5: J1: Judgment Day
Episode 4: Guess Who's Coming to Lunch
Episode 3: A Wolf in the Torque House
Episode 2: The I of the Tiger
Episode 1: Countdown to a Prologue
Episode 13: A Date with Destiny
Episode 12: Prelude to an Apocalypse
Episode 11: Beyond the TruffleDome
Episode 10: Operation: Natal Attraction
Episode 9: Operation: Fatal Attraction
Episode 8: Girth, Wind & Fire
Episode 7: Pandora's Mailbox
Episode 6: A Blowjob Before Dying
Episode 5: Justice Desserts
Episode 4: A Fuel's Errand
Episode 3: A Riphole in Time
Episode 2: Herpe: Fully Loaded
Episode 1: Pilot