Fugget About It (2012)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Crime

Plot: Fugget About It is a Canadian adult animated sitcom created by Nicholas Tabarrok and Willem Wennekers for Teletoon's Teletoon at Night block. The show is rated 18A for sexuality, violence, and swearing. The show was created from the Pilot Project contest on Teletoon. Read More



Episode 13: Effin' Neighbors, Eh?
Episode 12: Ass-Jax
Episode 11: The Balls on This Room
Episode 10: Pizza with Extra Cheech
Episode 9: The Man from P.I.G.L.E.T.
Episode 8: The Fugly American
Episode 7: From My Cold Limp Hands
Episode 6: You Only Try Haggis Once
Episode 5: Royally Screwed
Episode 4: The Broadfather
Episode 3: Too Cool for Night School
Episode 2: Mennonites!
Episode 1: The McFrugals
Episode 13: Hunts With Handgun
Episode 12: Sex on Ice
Episode 11: The Horny Bastard
Episode 10: The Oracle of Vagina
Episode 9: Petey Gets God'd
Episode 8: Al Capone Wears Ladies Underwear
Episode 7: Chokin' and Tokin' in the Queen City
Episode 6: Rainbows and Painted Hos
Episode 5: Cousin Sammy Dies in the End
Episode 4: The Man With No Ass
Episode 3: Screw You, Mr. Wonderful
Episode 2: The Full Mountie
Episode 1: Hate Crime Legislation is for Pussies