Freddy's Nightmares (1988)


Genre: Horror , Thriller

Plot: Freddy's Nightmares is an American horror anthology series, which aired in syndication from October 1988 until March 1990. A spin-off from the Nightmare on Elm Street series, each story was introduced by Freddy Krueger. This format is essentially the same as that employed by Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Tales from the Crypt, or The Twilight Zone. The pilot episode was directed by Tobe Hooper, and begins with Freddy Krueger's acquittal of the child-murdering charges due to his officer's lack of reviewing the Miranda warning at the time of Freddy's arrest. A mob of parents eventually corners Freddy in a power plant, leading to him being torched by the police officer, dying and gaining his familiar visage. The series was produced by New Line Television, producers of the film series. It was originally distributed by Lorimar-Telepictures. However, Warner Bros. Television would assume syndication rights after acquiring Lorimar-Telepictures. Read More



Episode 22: Life Sentence
Episode 21: Prisoner of Love
Episode 20: Dust To Dust
Episode 19: A Family Affair
Episode 18: Funhouse
Episode 17: Interior Loft-Later
Episode 16: Interior Loft
Episode 15: Prime Cut
Episode 14: Easy Come, Easy Go
Episode 13: What You Don't Know Can Kill You
Episode 12: It's My Party and You'll Die If I Want You To
Episode 11: Dreams That Kill
Episode 10: Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?
Episode 9: Monkey Dreams
Episode 8: Bloodlines
Episode 7: Silence is Golden
Episode 6: Lucky Stiff
Episode 5: Memory Overload
Episode 4: Photo Finish
Episode 3: Welcome to Springwood
Episode 2: Heartbreak Hotel
Episode 1: Dream Come True
Episode 22: Safe Sex
Episode 21: Identity Crisis
Episode 20: The Light At the End of the Tunnel
Episode 19: Missing Persons
Episode 18: The Art of Death
Episode 17: Love Stinks
Episode 16: Cabin Fever
Episode 15: School Daze
Episode 14: Black Tickets
Episode 13: Deadline
Episode 12: The End of the World
Episode 11: Do Dreams Bleed
Episode 10: The Bride Wore Red
Episode 9: Rebel Without a Car
Episode 8: Mother's Day
Episode 7: Sister's Keeper
Episode 6: Saturday Night Special
Episode 5: Judy Miller, Come On Down
Episode 4: Freddy's Tricks and Treats
Episode 3: Killer Instinct
Episode 2: It's a Miserable Life
Episode 1: No More Mr. Nice Guy