Franklin (1997)


Genre: Animation , Family , Comedy

Plot: The popular children's books, written by Paulette Bourgeois, come alive in this television series about a turtle named Franklin. Each episode has a story of Franklin and his friends. You'll meet his parents, Bear (his best friend), Goose, Beaver, Rabbit, Mr. Owl, Badger and Snail along with other animal friends. You will follow the adventures of Franklin as he learns about the world around him, and how to be an honest turtle with good character. Read More



Episode 13: Franklin in Two Places
Episode 12: Franklin's Reading Club
Episode 11: Franklin's Big Game
Episode 10: Franklin's Bargain
Episode 9: Franklin Stays Up
Episode 8: Franklin and Wolvie
Episode 7: Franklin and the Bus Patrol
Episode 6: Franklin's Jug Band
Episode 5: Franklin's Pumpkin
Episode 4: Franklin and Betty
Episode 3: Franklin Loses a Book
Episode 2: Franklin's Allergy
Episode 1: Franklin the Teacher
Episode 13: Franklin Meets Ermine
Episode 12: Franklin's Stopwatch
Episode 11: Franklin and the Puppet Play
Episode 10: Franklin Plays Hockey
Episode 9: Franklin's Father
Episode 8: Franklin Snoops
Episode 7: Franklin's Sailboat
Episode 6: Franklin's Shell Trouble
Episode 5: Franklin Delivers
Episode 4: Franklin Has the Hiccups
Episode 3: Mr. Fix-It Franklin
Episode 2: Franklin's Submarine
Episode 1: Franklin's Good Deeds
Episode 13: Franklin's Day Off
Episode 12: Franklin the Hero
Episode 11: Franklin Plants a Tree
Episode 10: Franklin's Cellar
Episode 9: Franklin and the Fortune Teller
Episode 8: Franklin's Fossil
Episode 7: Franklin the Trooper
Episode 6: Franklin and the Computer
Episode 5: Franklin's Masterpiece
Episode 4: Franklin's Starring Role
Episode 3: Franklin's Nature Hike
Episode 2: Franklin and the Two Henrys
Episode 1: Franklin and His Night Friend
Episode 13: Franklin Takes a Trip
Episode 12: Franklin's Music Lessons
Episode 11: Franklin's Family Treasure
Episode 10: Franklin's Valentines
Episode 9: Franklin and the Broken Globe
Episode 8: Franklin and the Babysitter
Episode 7: Franklin's Kite
Episode 6: Franklin's Library Book
Episode 5: Franklin the Spy
Episode 4: Franklin Growing Up Fast
Episode 3: Franklin's Gift
Episode 2: Franklin Not-So-Broken Bone
Episode 1: Franklin's Visitor