Frankie Drake Mysteries (2017)


Plot: Frankie Drake Mysteries follows Toronto's only female private detective in the 1920s as she takes on the cases the police don't want or can't handle. Along with her partner Trudy, Frankie and the Drake Detective Agency take on cases of all shapes and sizes. From airplanes and booze running to American G-men, Communists and union busters, Frankie's fearless sense of adventure gets her into all kinds of trouble, but she always manages to find her way out. Read More



Episode 10: A Family Affair
Episode 9: Showstoppers
Episode 8: Sweet Justice
Episode 7: Life is a Cabaret
Episode 6: The Guilty Party
Episode 5: Ghost in the Machine
Episode 4: A Most Foiled Assault
Episode 3: The Girls Can't Help It
Episode 2: Prince in Exile
Episode 1: Scavenger Hunt
Episode 10: A Sunshine State of Mind
Episode 9: A History of Violins
Episode 8: Ward of the Roses
Episode 7: Out on a Limb
Episode 6: Life on the Line
Episode 5: Things Better Left Dead
Episode 4: A Brother in Arms
Episode 3: School Ties, School Lies
Episode 2: Counterpunch
Episode 1: No Friends Like Old Friends
Episode 10: Now You See Her
Episode 11: Once Burnt Twice Spied
Episode 10: Anastasia
Episode 9: Ghosts
Episode 8: The Pilot
Episode 7: Ties That Bind
Episode 6: Whisper Sisters
Episode 5: Out of Focus
Episode 4: Healing Hands
Episode 3: Summer in the City
Episode 2: Ladies in Red
Episode 1: Mother of Pearl