First Wives Club (2019)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: The modern television remake of the classic 1996 revenge comedy starring Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton, now featuring an all-star African American cast. After neglecting their friendship, best friends Ari, Hazel and Bree reunite to help each other through rough patches in their lives. Together, they navigate music superstar Hazel's tabloid-ridden divorce, campaign manager Ari's unsatisfying marriage and orthopedic surgeon Bree's cheating husband. Along the way, the women learn that as long as they have each other, there's nothing they can't do. Read More



Episode 10: End of the Road
Episode 9: Spend My Life with You
Episode 8: This Is How We Do It
Episode 7: Caught Out There
Episode 6: Ex Factor
Episode 5: Not Gon’ Cry
Episode 4: Freak Like Me
Episode 3: What About Your Friends
Episode 2: On Bended Knee
Episode 1: Independent Women
Episode 9: Vengeance
Episode 8: One Night Only
Episode 7: Something Blue
Episode 6: The Glow Up
Episode 5: What Happens Upstate
Episode 4: Storytelling
Episode 3: Diamonds Are Forever
Episode 2: Plan B
Episode 1: Pilot