Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2012)


Genre: Documentary , Biography , History , Mystery

Plot: Harvard educator Henry Louis Gates Jr. hosts this enlightening PBS series that examines "the DNA of American culture" through an extensive discovery of the ancestors of today's celebrities. In each episode, a set of featured guests view their ancestral histories, learn connections, and discover secrets about their lineage, while sharing the emotional experience with viewers. Gates guides them as they see results and details derived from the background work competed by expert genealogical diagnosticians, who have analyzed genetic code and traced bloodlines that leads to documentation and the occasional confirmation or debunking of long-held beliefs. A variety of guests have included musicians, authors, chefs, and more. Actors who've made an appearance include Julianna Marguiles, Stephen King, Ben Affleck, Sally Field, Mia Farrow, Anderson Cooper, and many others. Read More



Episode 9: On Broadway
Episode 8: Anchored to the Past
Episode 7: The New World
Episode 6: Country Roots
Episode 5: Write My Name in the Book of Life
Episode 4: The Shirts on Their Backs
Episode 3: No Irish Need Apply
Episode 2: Against All Odds
Episode 1: To the Manor Born
Episode 16: Coming to America
Episode 15: Breaking Silences
Episode 14: Flight
Episode 13: War Stories
Episode 12: DNA Mysteries
Episode 11: Fashion's Roots
Episode 10: Criminal Kind
Episode 9: Italian Roots
Episode 8: Slave Trade
Episode 7: Science Pioneers
Episode 6: Secrets & Lies
Episode 5: Beyond The Pale
Episode 4: This Land is My Land
Episode 3: Homecomings
Episode 2: Off the Farm
Episode 1: Hollywood Royalty
Episode 10: All in the Family
Episode 9: The Eye of the Beholder
Episode 8: Hard Times
Episode 7: No Laughing Matter
Episode 6: Roots in Politics
Episode 5: Freedom Tales
Episode 4: Dreaming of a New Land
Episode 3: Reporting on the Reporters
Episode 2: Mystery Men
Episode 1: Grandparents and Other Strangers
Episode 10: Funny Business
Episode 9: Southern Roots
Episode 8: Relatives We Never Knew We Had
Episode 7: Children Of The Revolution
Episode 6: Black Like Me
Episode 5: Immigrant Nation
Episode 4: The Vanguard
Episode 3: Puritans and Pioneers
Episode 2: Unfamiliar Kin
Episode 1: The Impression
Episode 10: Maps of Stars
Episode 9: The Long Way Home
Episode 8: The Pioneers
Episode 7: Family Reunions
Episode 6: War Stories
Episode 5: Visionaries
Episode 4: Tragedy + Time = Comedy
Episode 3: In Search of Freedom
Episode 2: The Irish Factor
Episode 1: The Stories We Tell
Episode 10: Decoding Our Past Through DNA
Episode 9: Ancient Roots
Episode 8: The British Invasion
Episode 7: Our People, Our Traditions
Episode 6: We Come From People
Episode 5: The Melting Pot
Episode 4: Roots of Freedom
Episode 3: Our American Storytellers
Episode 2: Born Champions
Episode 1: In Search of our Fathers
Episode 10: Michelle Rodriguez - Adrian Grenier - Linda Chavez
Episode 9: John Legend - Wanda Sykes - Margarett Cooper
Episode 8: Sanjay Gupta - Margaret Cho - Martha Stewart
Episode 7: Samuel L. Jackson - Condoleezza Rice - Ruth Simmons
Episode 6: Maggie Gyllenhaal - Robert Downey, Jr.
Episode 5: Angela Buchdahl - Rick Warren - Yasir Qadhi
Episode 4: Kevin Bacon - Kyra Sedgwick
Episode 3: Barbara Walters - Geoffrey Canada
Episode 2: Mayor Cory Booker - Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.)
Episode 1: Harry Connick Jr. - Branford Marsalis