Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light (2017)


Genre: Drama

Plot: The original material for this drama comes from a blog titled "Gekikakusatsu SS Nikki" by a person named Mighty. In the drama, Inaba Hirotaro, who has only been devoted to working so far, is hooked on online games now that he is over 60. His son Mitsuo, a salaryman, is trying to reach out to his father as a game player in the same world of online games without disclosing his true identity. Despite the secrets that each of them have, father and son, start to understand each other and become closer through the online games. Read More



Episode 8: The Eternal Bond
Episode 7: The Light Warrior
Episode 6: The Truth
Episode 5: Dad's Secret
Episode 4: Marital Troubles
Episode 3: Never Give In
Episode 2: Difficulties of Beginners
Episode 1: A Relationship Reborn