Fat Tony & Co. (2014)


Genre: Crime

Plot: On March 19, 2006, Tony Mokbel, said to be Australia's richest gangster, became Australia's most wanted man. What followed was an intense manhunt that lasted 18 months and dismantled a drug empire. A miraculous tip-off to the Australian police revealed that Mokbel was living in Athens, Greece under a false name and documents. But how do you find one man in a population of four million? Fat Tony & Co follows Mokbel from his early beginnings in Melbourne's underworld to his eventual discovery and arrest in a café in Athens. Read More



Episode 9: Drawing Dead
Episode 8: A Chip and a Chair
Episode 7: The Incorruptibles
Episode 6: A New Life
Episode 5: Where's Tony?
Episode 4: Killers, Thieves & Lawyers
Episode 3: When the Dogs Bark
Episode 2: The Mexican Job
Episode 1: The Tony Special