Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (2019)


Genre: Animation , Action , Crime , Family

Plot: Tony Toretto, Dominic Toretto's cousin, is recruited by a government agency together with his friends to infiltrate an elite racing league serving as a front for a crime organization called SH1FT3R that is bent on world domination. Read More

Next Episode 5x2 Date: Aug 13th



Episode 8: Don't Go Chasing Lavafalls
Episode 7: Into the Labyrinth
Episode 6: The Siege
Episode 5: The Ocelot King vs. El Mariposa
Episode 4: That's a Moray
Episode 3: The Fugitives
Episode 2: The Convoy
Episode 1: Chasing Phantoms
Episode 8: Sirocco Fire Explosion
Episode 7: RoboCleve
Episode 6: The Eye of the Sahara
Episode 5: The Bedouin Shield
Episode 4: The Hunt
Episode 3: The Empty Well
Episode 2: The Dead End
Episode 1: The Giant Haboob
Episode 8: Tchau, Uggos
Episode 7: The Patroness
Episode 6: An Echo of Nowhere
Episode 5: Driving Blind
Episode 4: Combustion
Episode 3: Bem-vindo ao Rio
Episode 2: That Sinking Feeling
Episode 1: Escape from L.A.
Episode 8: The Key to the Strip
Episode 7: Ignition
Episode 6: The Final Key
Episode 5: The Celestial Vault
Episode 4: The Owl Job
Episode 3: Ghost Town Grand Prix
Episode 2: Enter SH1FT3R
Episode 1: Born a Toretto