Fashion House (2006)


Genre: Drama , Romance

Plot: Fashion House is an American telenovela that aired at 9:00PM Eastern/8:00PM Central Monday through Saturday on MyNetworkTV stations. The series premiered on September 5, 2006 and concluded on December 5, 2006. It was produced by Twentieth Television with directors David Hogan, Alex Hennech, Jim Slocum and Jeremy Stanford. Fashion House focused on greed, lust and ambition surrounding a corporate takeover of the business's hottest company. It starred Bo Derek as the ruthless head of the business and Morgan Fairchild as her long-time arch-rival. The show was known more for the leads' hair-pulling, name-calling, and vase-throwing than for its romance, passion and drama. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has not announced plans to release this series on DVD and/or Blu-ray. Read More



Episode 62: A New Foundation
Episode 61: Falling Apart At the Seams
Episode 60: In Loving Memory
Episode 59: Too Little Too Late
Episode 58: Maria's Final Bow
Episode 57: Down To the Wire (Part Dos)
Episode 56: The Betrayal
Episode 55: Breaking Point
Episode 54: After the Fall
Episode 53: Safe Haven
Episode 52: Nothing Ventured... Nothing Capital Gained
Episode 51: Mother I'd Like To Forget
Episode 50: Out Of the Woods
Episode 49: Miller's Crossing
Episode 48: Maria's Story
Episode 47: Down to the Wire
Episode 46: Sabotage
Episode 45: Truth and Consequences
Episode 44: Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word
Episode 43: Dark Days Dawn
Episode 42: Second Chances
Episode 41: The Heart Attack
Episode 40: After the Assassin
Episode 39: The Shot Heard Round the...
Episode 38: Michelle's and Luke's Story
Episode 37: Gaggle At the Gallery
Episode 36: Opportunity Knocks, Rings The Doorbell, And Beats Down Your Door!
Episode 35: Women On Verge
Episode 34: Nursing the Wound
Episode 33: Irreconcilable Differences
Episode 32: Coup de Grace
Episode 31: Building Blocks
Episode 30: The Blow Up
Episode 29: Table For Two
Episode 28: Enough is Enough
Episode 27: Stirring the Pot
Episode 26: Revelations
Episode 25: All in the Family
Episode 24: The Ties That Bind
Episode 23: Wedding Blues
Episode 22: Do You Take This Woman
Episode 21: Rehearsal
Episode 20: Bridezilla
Episode 19: (There's Got To Be) A Morning After
Episode 18: Polite Dinner Conversation
Episode 17: Madness in Manhattan
Episode 16: Maternal Instincts
Episode 15: Political Posturing
Episode 14: Multiple Offers
Episode 13: Portrait of a Lady
Episode 12: A New Face
Episode 11: Secrets and Gifts
Episode 10: Let It Ride
Episode 9: A Private Affair
Episode 8: Friends With Benefits
Episode 7: Payola
Episode 6: A Rose By Any Other Name
Episode 5: The Best Laid Plans
Episode 4: Broken Promise
Episode 3: Secrets & Lies
Episode 2: Unforgiven
Episode 1: It Takes One to Know One